7 Chicken Fajitas & Mushroom Soup


Fajitas & Mushroom soup

You know, the Black Pepper sauce, recipe courtesy of Kak Liza (the famous Chef) has a lot of fantastic uses...I marinated generously some chickens with the sauce & later grilled them up till the chciken's skin is crispy but the the meat is still tender.. Then I also added some of the sauce to mix veges, diced some hydroponic plum tomatoes (these tomatoes are so juicy indeed) and mixed them up with the chicken slices, wrap 'em up in tortillas...and the end product is soooooooooooooo tasty I..really...tak bedek arrr.. sedap sungguh!!!! (thanks Kak Liza,  for the recipe ;)

Spot someone's fingers yang tak sabar2 nak makan masa Mummy lagi sibuk posing kan itu fajitas to snap the pics...he he he...kesian...lapar!!!

1. Marinate chickens way before with black pepper sauce (see link)
2. Grill them
3. Blanch mix veges, drain & them nix them good with the black pepper sauce
4. Dice some juicy tomatoes & mix them up with the mix vege
5. Heat tortillas on a flat pan, insert filling & wrap them up
6. Serve immediately after photo session :)

Great with soup, mushroom or corn...chicken soup is ok too if you like overdose of chicken la...


  1. Esselamu aleykum,
    çok nefis görünüyor.

  2. Hi Maria, Wow! You sure a great artist in foods. Looks delicious.
    I think 4 pieces will do fine with me. Anymore left? Ha ha.
    Have a nice day, stay young and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  3. Hi Uncle,

    how have you been? thanks for dropping by..
    our family just love this kinda food la..

  4. uhuh yat..this is one of our feveret food jugak.....baru je habis breakfast and now i dah terliur liur balik :D

  5. Wow Chicken Fajitas! Yummy tummy! hehehe ;)

    Pass meeeee! ;)

  6. Ha ha.. Love..

    part chicken recipe cannot beat you eh Love ;)


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