36 Kuih Cara Berlauk

First day of work week in fasting month. Hopefully everything goes on smoothly & I can go home cun2 at 5.00 to prepare for iftar. Tonight is going to be a buzy night for me. I have planned for something and may Allah grant me the ease of doing as per what I had mapped out, insyaAllah & aminnn..

I made this kuih cara berlauk yesterday for iftar. Recipe is easy peasy although personally I think it could be better. Maybe without tasting the 'lauk' having made for the first time in Ramadhan, I may have misjudged a bit on the recipe part...my bad. Still good though, no fault of the recipe but I crave for one kuih cara berlauk that I tasted before..Now that one was really superb but then it was my mom who gave them to me who got it from her guru ngaji. Her guru ngaji in turned had ordered it from some lady. I don't think I can get hold of the recipe as it was pre ordered kuih. Fret not, I will try again making this kuih during my 'off days' so that I can get as taste of the 'lauk' & adjust it accordingly. Ok guys...have a good week ahead!


For the batter
2 cups multipurpose flour
2 cups water
1 cup coconut milk ( I used half packet of coconut powder)
1 egg
1 tespn salt
A little tumeric powder to colour the batter yellow
*Mix all ingredients and filter.

For the filling
1 cup minced meat
1 onion
1 clove garlic
1/2 teaspn black pepper
1 tespn curry powder
1/2 teapn tumeric powder
1/2 tblspn oyster sauce
1 tblspn chillie sauce
Salt and sugar to taste
* Stir fry as usual.  

Method : 
1. For the batter, mix well and filter into a jug with long nozzle for easy pouring. 
2. Grease the mould with cooking oil using screwpine leave or pastry brush. 
3. Pour in the batter 3/4 full into the mould not to let overflows. Put on the lid (I recommend casserole lid coz you can see thru) and wait until the batter half-cooked. 
4. Put in the fried minced meat. Garnish with chillie or spring onion/celery. 
5. Put on the lid and leave to cook. 
6. Take them out using toothpick or fork. Serve warm.

Source: RinnChan

15 Onde2 Pumpkin or labu for 1st Iftar

As salam everyone

Alhamdulillah, we managed to fulfill the 1st day of fasting yesterday without any glitch whatsoever. I guessed the few days of fasting during Rejab & Sya'ban helps, syukran. Had the breaking of fast at my mom's place as my sis & the gang had decided to have their iftar there too, being the first day & all. Penuh sarat dining hall  rumah my mom yg dah sedia comel itew. The younger kids also fasted a whole day & I hope it will continue throughout the month, especially Tintin..Don't ponteng2 arr baby girl.. U sudah besar, seharusnya puasa full this year :)

Made some onde2 labu after seeing it at Maz's place. Berasap2 kuih coz I took the pic immediately after onde2 itew dimekap with the kelapa parut :) Onde2 memang laku especially during Ramadhan. But I think I prefer the original green onde2 as to me pumpkin aka labu memang more 'kena' if dibuat APAM..heheh, betul tak babe?...dah peminat tegar Apam Pumpkin kan apa nak buat...just adore the taste so when I buy another pumpkin I am so gonna make Apam pumpkin! But for a change, boleh jugak lah try to make onde2 labu if you want, sesajer bagi variasi to tekak ;)

Onde2 Pumpkin @ Labu
Source: Maz (thanks Maz)

300g labu/pumpkin
tepung pulut secukupnya
gula melaka secukupnya - dipotong kecil
kelapa parut secukupnya - gaul dengan garam secukup rasa
3 helai daun pandan - dicarik dan simpulkan


1. Kupas kulit labu dan rebus dengan sedikit garam sehingga lembut, kemudian keluarkan air rebusan dan lecek lumat. Sejukkan dulu.

2. Bila labu dah sejuk, dalam periuk didihkan air bersama daun pandan.

3. Dalam bekas yang sesuai satukan labu dan tepung pulut (tepung ni masukkan sikit-sikit) dan uli hingga jadi doh yang lembut dan tidak melekat ditangan.

4. Amik doh dan leperkan kemudian letak 1 potong nisen/gula melaka dan tutup kemas. Masukkan dalam air yang telah mendidih dan tunggu hingga bebola tadi timbul. Kemudian boleh la diangkat dan masukkan dalam kelapa tadi. Golek-golek agar kelapa bersalut seluruhnya. Buat sampai habis. Siap...

See!!! berasap2 cik onde2 labu kita!

Some of the juadah at mom's place. The rest had their usual staple of rice with ayam masak merah while we had fried kuay teow yg abosultely yummilicious.

Okay peeps, that's all...Now gotta think what to cook for iftar today as we anak beranak berbuka puasa di rumah aja...Taa...

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